Our Story

Every business created started with a vision and Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. was no different. The story was simple.  Mike and Clinton wanted to create an affordable home with great quality and brick exterior.  They also decided that it needed to be a home with the character of housing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This simple vision was what created the original “Creole Cottages”. Even as Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. grew and evolved Mike and Clinton keep this same vision today.

Our Evolution - Today

The home of our original vision the “Creole Cottage” is 1,100’ square feet of living up to approximately 1,550’ square feet. You can personalize your home with our long list of options and changes.

The larger move-up homes are named the Traditional, Traditional-Deluxe and Executive Series of home plans. These range from 1,450’square feet of living to approximately 2,400’and larger if you want. Each of these plans based on name comes with standard features from Garden Tubs to Granite kitchen counters. All plans have double garages. Again, you can personalize your home with our long list of options and changes.

Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. also builds On Your Lot with our plans or yours. You can personalize your home with our long list of options and changes or build your home to your customized specifications.

Also, we now provide Extensive Remodeling of your present home.

The Great Things We Do That Make a Difference

When you are designing your home with us, whether within a Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. development or building on your own property our plans consultant creates your original design and customized features. We start your home with original designs created by you.

When given room dimensions, you are given the interior dimension Sheetrock to Sheetrock, not the dimensions that includes into the stud wall. 

All of the exterior and interior color selections are made simple and easy. You do all of your color selections at our office; a one-stop process.

Our homes are all brick. The only homes that Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. constructed with vinyl siding is our “Creole Cottage Series” The Cottage is vinyl siding at the front only. Sides and Back are brick.

 When building your home Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. thrives for zero home defects (called punch list items) before you close and move-in.

 In all Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. community developments we work to instill a great sense of a Community Pride with things such as “Brick Entrances”, “Sidewalks”, “Green Spaces” and “Tree Preservation” in all communities.


 We want to work with you to give you the home that you want!

Contact our Sales Department for friendly information. We work with you to achieve an informed, educated and satisfied purchase.

How can Champagne & Fearn Builders, Inc. help you, today?

Sale Phone # 228-388-0916

Mike Fearn – 228-388-0903 or 228-860-8994 or mchl_fearn@yahoo.com

Web Address www.champagneandfearn.com


Thank You, for considering Champagne and Fearn Builders, Inc.


Michael P. Fearn





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